25’ Workout to Get a Good Shape

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Our Customers

Chau Bui

Since using the 25 FIT AT HOME workout service, I can't be lazy anymore! Before the sessions kick off, the coaches always text to remind "I'm about to come over to your house!". So, where else can I hide?

Practicing on a fixed schedule will also make your training spirit more active. Every week, I always have 2 days practice at home with 25 FIT. After practicing, it feels really great!

Truc Thanh Truong

Hey, new way to get motivated to hit the gym!!! Today, I and my friend experienced EMS training technology (a lot of celebrities need to lose fast weight to enter a new role, all use this "assistant"). In only 25 minutes twice a week, I got tired and sore and felt like I got a great workout in. 

Honestly, my advice is to try it if you don't have enough time to workout. Especially, there's no need to carry gym bag essentials like clothes, shoes, towels, shampoo,...

Join me and have a healthy life!

Nancy Le

After several sessions of trying EMS training, what I find to be the most awesome about this technology is a full-body workout in 25 minutes, unlike 1-2 hours (even more) in traditional gyms. It's basically triple the workout in half the time-amazing and fascinating, right?

At 25 FIT, everything is carefully well-prepared and handy, from the Pre Workout drink, towels, disposable bras,... I find it is convenient cause' I don't need to bring anything, just make appointments via the 25 FIT app and come to exercise.

For 25 minutes of training with the EMS technology, all muscle groups are stimulated. In fact, the body is constantly in a state of fat-burning, still, then it feels like the abdomen is compact, so is the limb.

How Can 25 FIT Help You?

Lose Weight and Fat Quickly

Get in Great Shape

Boost Health and Stamina

Why 25 FIT?

Traditional Gym

  60' workout, 3-4 times/week

  Slow results in fat loss

  Weight training, stress on joints

  1-2 muscle groups activation

  Risk of muscle injury

  No pain relief

25 FIT

  Only 25’ workout, 1-2 times/week

  Much faster results in fat loss

  Simple exercises

  Full body muscle activation

  Zero risk of injury

  Back, shoulder, neck pain relief



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