About EMS Training

What is EMS Training?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and has been used for decades in physiotherapy. This intensive whole body training is now experiencing a comeback as fitness revolution of the future, simply because with EMS training sensational success can be achieved in no time.

Therefore, this technology has also been used in training by professional athletes.

Minimal time required. Maximum result. As simple as that!

Benefits of EMS Training at 25 FIT


Each training session only requires 20 minutes. Twice a week is recommended.


EMS training allows you to train your entire body. The electrical impulses also reach deep-seated muscles, which are not often addressed in ordinary-strength training.


After just a few sessions of EMS training, you can notice physical improvements, such as less back pain or tighter and firmer skin.


EMS training is straightforward, easy to follow, and suitable for people of all ages. Each session is led by a certified EMS trainer who is there to make sure the postures are correct and to provide personalized nutritional advice to customers.


Thanks to the level of intensity using EMS technology, you only need 20 minutes each session, twice per week to achieve the desired result.


With EMS technology and personalized training curriculum according to customers' goals, 25FIT also helps improve health-related issues such as back pain, shoulder pain, headache, etc. and the overall well-being of all customers.

25 FIT - The first EMS training studio in Vietnam

As the first and leader in the EMS fitness sector in Asia, we provide time-saving, convenient, efficient alternative training for not only non-gym goers but also people who cannot commit to traditional gym training. We are especially popular with executives and white-collars who lead a busy and dynamic lifestyle.

You will be amazed at the positive result with as little as only 25 minutes per session, twice per week.


Why choose 25 FIT?

Traditional Gym

  60' workout, 3-4 times/week

  Slow results in fat loss

  Weight training, stress on joints

  1-2 muscle groups activation

  Risk of muscle injury

  No pain relief

25 FIT

  Only 25’ workout, 1-2 times/week

  Much faster results in fat loss

  Simple exercise movements

  Full body muscle activation

  Zero risks of injury

  Back, shoulder, neck pain relief