About EMS


What is EMS?

EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation and has been used for decades in physiotherapy. Now the intensive whole body training is experiencing a comeback as fitness revolution of the future.

No wonder, because with EMS training sensational success can be achieved in no time. This convinces competitive athletes, as well Seniors as well as juniors. Professionals Athetle

Minimal time required. Maximum result. As simple as that!

Benefits of 25 FIT

A training session lasts only 20 minutes. Once or twice a week training is recommended.
Training with electricity trains your entire body. The electrical impulses also reach deep-seated muscles, which are often not addressed in ordinary strength training.
After just a few sessions of EMS training, you can notice physical improvements, such as less back pain or tighter and firmer skin.
The exercises that you perform during the workout on the EMS device are straightforward and easy to remember. To support them, they are led by your 25 FIT Personal Trainer, who also takes care of bad postures and corrects you if necessary.
Time saving
The intensity of the training is many times higher for our body than for normal weights. Therefore, 20 minutes of training per week are already sufficient to achieve the desired training success. Of course, this is an immense time saving compared to conventional strength training.
EMS training can have a positive effect on many health problems (disc problems, incontinence, etc.).

25 FIT - The name is program!

25 FIT is the 1st EMS and Cardio EMS training studio in Vietnam. We carry our promise in real time in our name: In just 20 minutes of training (plus 5 minutes dressing and undressing) you will experience with us a time-saving as well as highly effective whole body workout in which all large muscle groups can be activated simultaneously and evenly using bioelectric impulses - also the deep muscles.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve in your 25 FIT training and how well you feel after training.


Why 25 FIT

25 FIT Training

  • Only 25’ workout, 1-2 times/week
  • Much faster results in fat loss
  • Simple exercises
  • Full body muscle activation
  • Zero risk of injury
  • Back, shoulder, neck pain relief

Traditional Gym

  • 60' workout, 3-4 times/week
  • Slow results in fat loss
  • Weight training, stress on joints
  • 1-2 muscle groups activation
  • Risk of muscle injury
  • No pain relief